Weirdo EP

by Delusion Victims

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All songs written by Pete Mills
Produced and Mixed by Tiny Emperor (Romesh Thavanathan)
Recorded by Tiny Emperor and Justin Davis at the old Rabbittown Theatre
Mastered by Krisjan Leslie at Lab of Chaos
Artwork by Chang E Ling
Additional back ups on When It Comes by the Gods: Adam Hogan, Rajiv Thavanathan, Robbie Brett and Josh Banfield.

Shout out to MusicNL for the funding/support.


released March 1, 2014

Pete Mills - Guitar/Vocals
Charlie Graham - Bass
Jonah Emke - Drums
Steve Maloney - Keys/Vocals



all rights reserved


Delusion Victims St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

The Vickies are:

Pete Mills
Charlie Graham
Jonah Emke
Adam Engram

And sometimes Steve

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Track Name: Bannerman
Will the weather be okay today?
Will you need me when the skies are gray?
I want you to dream of wanting me,
I'll hold you and kiss the hours away.
What's the point of being busy?
I'll hold you until my brain decays.

Will the crowds be in the park today?
Will we join 'em or will we just stay,
kissing lips until our tongues are dried?
And I can't spit out what I've been dying to say:
"Pretty girl I lay beside,
I'll hold you until my brain decays."
It might not be long.
Track Name: When It Comes
I wanna know you
I wanna show you, baby
Just who I am

I wanna take you out
Don't wanna break you baby
I'll prove that I live just to be your man
That's who I am
But you don't know

'Cause when it comes to love
Everyone I know is at a loss
and everyone I know has had enough

So, go ahead
Strip me down

I wanna see you
I wanna be true, baby
But who am I to say?
Who am I?

I wanna take you out
But I can't make you baby
I'll do what I can but I can't give a damn
that's who I am
Track Name: Example
Go ahead,
Look at the other losers left getting told.
Does it go unsaid?
Experience is just getting old.
What an awful price to pay to look so good.
Sticking with the weirdos you know know no good.
They're hard to tell apart.

Gotta make an example of yourself.
Gotta make an example, oughta put a novel,
Gotta make an example of yourself.

Pick it up,
Always gotta know you did what you want
Know what you know and not what you don't
Some success you stumble upon.
When they're off looking at the proof
You're digging out a hole.
What another day would do to help you out, you know?
Track Name: Over & Over
Over and over, over again.
Making a monster,
making a friend,
in the beginning
before we were dead.
Over and over.

Got me a winner,
one that won't quit.
Like a beginner
I could admit
when I'm the loser.
Over and over.

You gotta let us know sometimes
what you're doing
or we'll get confused
and pin it on you.

I got a number.
I'll never tell.
It makes me a runner.
It makes my head swell.
We're going to hell, mama.
It's such a bummer,
over and over.
Track Name: To Look Ahead
Six in the morning,
Out in the parking lot of your building,
Standing, pleading:
"Why have we broken?
We've both picked up smoking.
Everything's changing."
A storm is raging:

What could it mean? Where are the signs?
We rot on the vine.

Eight in the morning
The coffee shops open.
It's windy and pouring,
so, this is coping.
This is called learning.
Thanks to burning sun we keep turning
and heading warnings.

So, why is it so hard
to look ahead?